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Mar. 14th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Name/Nickname: Gaa
Age: 24
Dreamwidth Username: ninthphilosophy
Contact: [AIM] totallynotgaa, [PLURK] gaakishi
Current Characters in Game: N/A

Character Name: Badger
Canon: Professor Layton and the Spectre's Flute
Age: ~12
Appearance: link
Canon Point: post-game??????
History: Links to wikis are allowed. For Ghibli characters, please state what your character has been doing since the end of their canon if pulled from post-canon.

minor character blah blah
Personality: Most important piece of the app. What are your characters likes? Dislikes? Their strengths and weakness? What are their social skills and important relationships? Why is your character the way they are? 200 words minimum.

Abilities: parkour climbing ect.

Payment to Yubaba
Memory: how to parkour
other shit
has to be
at least ten

New Name: mushroom

First Person: This is an example of a network post, meaning it can be a video, an audio or a text post. We are looking at your character's voice, so [actions] are fine, but we do want to hear them speak as well.
You can also link to a thread that's no older than 2 months and has at least 10 of your own comments.
Third Person: This is an example of a log. We want details. No [action] here. This is to be well written, and focused on both thoughts and actions. We would prefer that third person samples are within the setting of Hidden By Gods.


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